Founding Membership

What does it mean to join the Minerva Family?

Do you have a passion for wine, arts and viticulture? Join the Minerva Family and become part of an exclusive community. We are creating a centre of viticulture for our Founding Members, with incredible opportunities for involvement in the process of wine making and the whole culture surrounding it.

We believe in a reciprocal relationship and are dedicated to bringing value to our Members. As well as breaking new ground in what it means to ‘invest in community’, we are creating pathways and empowering young men and women to access careers in the winemaking industry.

As Members you get more than a lovingly crafted, award winning British sparkling wine, you are invited into our ‘Aiga (family) to grow with us, so we can be better versions of ourselves each season.

We stand by our values to produce only that which is authentic and honest. From Community Days together in the Vineyard and Exclusive Access to rare new wines, to unique Vine Dining Events and even becoming a Vintage Taster & Influencer, there is so much on offer that you can find the aspect that really speaks to you and get fully involved!

Our raison d’être is to encourage others to harness the traits of Minerva - wisdom, artistry and ideas, to embrace the challenges that invariably lie ahead of us all for land, culture and family. Join us in inspiring and empowering the next generation of farmers, artists, winemakers, innovators and creators, in particular our young women.


Minerva Founding Member Benefits

  1. Guaranteed Vintage - the first to receive Minerva Vintages guaranteed every year.

  2. Minerva Discounts - up to 20% off all things Minerva

  3. Community Days - Join us for special days in the Vineyard. Vine-pruning, Bud Rubbing, Leaf stripping and Harvest.

  4. Early Access - Special early access to pre-order Minerva Vintages, making many special new wines exclusive for Members.

  5. Vineyard Vacation Lottery - Win a holiday for two to visit incredible vineyards across the world.

  6. Name Inscription at Tasting Centre - Your name is inscribed into a Bath Stonewall when the Tasting Centre opens.

  7. Vine for Life - Follow and discover your own vine's life cycle from start to finish.

  8. Exclusive NFT - Unique limited edition digital Vine-Art, verified on the blockchain.

  9. Launch Party - A special event in the New Year to celebrate our launch, taking place in Bath.


Become a Founding Member


When you become a Member...

Keep an eye on your inboxes for up-to-date details of the many varied Membership benefits as they are released.

Immediate Benefits

You will receive a unique numbered digital Certificate of your Membership, featuring some very special artwork.

Your Minerva Guaranteed Vintage to members - will be sent in 2-3 days until it's in your hands.

You will receive an NFT VineArt and Discount voucher.

You will be welcomed to the Members only Facebook group, where you can share your Minerva stories & photos, as well as follow essential updates about upcoming events and exciting new wines in real time, such as...

Launch Event in Victoria Topping’s studio (Magnum and Jeroboam Members)

A final date will be announced as soon as possible

Community Days in the vineyard will be organised through the year to meet your new ‘Aiga and get your hands dirty amongst the vines.

Vineyard Tours & Tasting Days including a food pairing experience, with the option for both large and small groups. (remember as members you get a discounted price).

We will be releasing a new, never before tried concept Still Wine developed with Nick Blampied-Lane (Members get early access to pre-order the very limited supply).


Last but definitely not least, Jeroboam Members will enjoy their Vine Dining Event in the vineyard. There will also be the first opportunity to influence the new wine at the Minerva Influencer evening. These are exclusive events for sample tasting, discussion and voting. A rare and special chance to have a very personal hand in the future of a luxury wine.


Your Minerva Subscription

Your Membership is for one year. After 11 months you will receive an email reminding you to resubscribe to retain your benefits, including guaranteeing your next vintage. If you choose not to re-subscribe your Founding Membership space (of which there are a limited number) will be released to the public waiting list.


Future Benefits & Plans for the Future

Each year you decide to continue your membership your Guaranteed Vintage will be delivered, along with your brand new NFT VineArt and Discount voucher, plus all the Minerva events and community days.

There are also a host of new benefits we are developing for our limited family of Founders to enjoy, we hope you look forward to them as much as we are! As Members you are welcome to offer your comments and suggestions on the direction of Minerva, so please get in touch if you have any discussion points on the below!


Next Few Years

Vineyard Expansion

Will begin planting the planned four hectares of new vines. Members will be assigned their own personal Vine for Life to begin following its lifecycle.

Luxury Cabin Vineyard Stays

A suite of Luxury Cabins will be built at the top of the Vineyard. Members will be able to use their discount codes to enjoy a local nature retreat in comfort. You could even combine overnight stays with a Community Day or Vineyard Tour for a fully immersive experience.


Further Development

Tasting Centre & Centre of Excellence

We are now in the beginning stages of putting together a design team to work on the most ambitious of our projects, to build a unique Tasting Centre and multi-use facility to serve the vineyard and Minerva community. I have many grand ideas to share soon and the timeline will be revealed as we develop the design. This will be our hub, the base for tours, tastings, vineyard events and community gatherings big and small.

It will also be the home to the Minerva Centre of Excellence, functioning as a learning space, where youth from local schools as well as Founding Members can be taught best practices in everything viticulture and wine. We will be inviting guest speakers from the wine and viticulture world, to share their stories and expert knowledge. We will even be hosting a podcast to share with our global Founding Members. We want to provide an opening into the vineyard for local and global youth alike, bringing them into our world, providing them the tools, resources and connections they need to help create employment opportunities in viticulture and wineries in the future.


One building not being enough for our dreams, we plan to build a Winery down the line. I envisage an in-depth experience where visitors can witness the wine making process first hand as well as a tasting at the end of the tour. We’ll be using old traditional methods using gravity, just as in parts of Europe where it’s still made like this.

VR Experience

For Founding Members who live further afield, or cannot visit often, we plan to create Virtual Reality experiences to bring them right into the Vineyard from their homes.



Rare Wines & Vine-Art as Investment

You May Purchase Multiple Memberships - to Secure Access to Rare Wines, NFTs and other Benefits in the Future

Some have called what we are doing at Minerva a “collectors dream”.

Once the limited number of Memberships at Minerva are filled, they will remain a much sought after commodity! Especially considering the growing global interest in quality sparkling wines (sales of English sparkling wine are forecast to grow by 134% by 2026), our own exciting plans for growth & development of the vineyard and all of our upcoming exclusive offerings.

The benefits granted to Founding Members are very likely to grow substantially in value over time, dwarfing the subscription cost.


The rare Minerva Vintages and NFT Artworks can be a reliable alternative investment opportunity, to help to diversify your portfolio. As alternative assets tend to behave differently than traditional markets, they often prove invaluable during times of unease and crisis as recent times have shown.

You can purchase a maximum of 10 memberships, securing them for the future. You may allocate any number to other people. You will have 3 months from purchase to choose who to allocate Founding Memberships to, although you may keep multiple under your name for your own investment. If you wish to gift a membership please hit reply to this email and let me know their details.