Discover the Taste of Ancient Rome in Bath

At Minerva Wine, we take immense pride in upholding the venerable legacy left by the Romans who initially cultivated vines in these very fields during the Middle Ages. Today, we consider ourselves fortunate to tap into this storied history and leverage the distinctive geology of the region, resulting in the creation of wines that stand out.

The secret to our success lies in the geothermal heating that occurs when rainwater falls on the Carboniferous Limestone outcrop in the Mendip Hills. This water then descends to great depths in the Radstock Basin before rising beneath Bath and breaking through the aquiclude formed by the Mesozoic rocks. This rare geology gives our wines a distinctive and unparalleled flavour profile that has been appreciated for centuries.

As we delve into the flavours of ancient Rome, we are unwaveringly dedicated to employing sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in every facet of our winemaking process. From the meticulous grape selection to the intricacies of fermentation, each step is taken with precision to ensure that our wines consistently meet the highest standards.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the rich heritage and distinctive flavour of Bath's wine-producing region. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or just embarking on your wine journey, Minerva Wine promises something truly exceptional. Experience the allure of our wines and be part of a tradition that spans centuries.

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meet our winemaker - Emma Rice

meet Emma Rice, the UK's sparkling wine queen!

Even with good soil and aspect, the right climate, a good growing season, fair harvest - quality wine needs something more. A strong family and the determination and resilience of the team is essential, but even with all the love that is poured into every aspect of production… that still isn’t enough for the best of premium wines.

meet our artist - Victoria Topping

‘VineArt’ was a concept hatched in early 2019, at which point I was looking for an artist to depict the Roman goddess Minerva (see previous newsletter all about VineArt here) on a wine label for our first vintage. I wanted to create the very first of a new kind of artwork - a unique partnership of viticulture, the ethics of the Minerva brand and a modern artistic re-imagination of mythology.

meet our farmer - Emily Addicott-Sauvao

A third-generation farmer, Emily Addicott-Sauvao grew up intrinsically connected to this land, the soil that her parents cultivated for over 40 years to high acclaim - even granted special status by the wartime government.

2021 harvest

meet the family

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